Eco Gadgets 09/05/2014

Technology Collection offers a range of Eco friendly gadgets to help make our world a better place. Our range includes solar powered and dynamo torchlights as well as solar chargers. Light weight and portable these products are great promotional products.

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The AUD and flash memory keeping prices lower 02/04/2014

The AUD is trading at elevated levels compared to its recent rate. The RBA left the cash rate unchanged at 2.5% and noted that the AUD ‘remains highs by historical standards’. With short sellers entering back into the market, shifting momentum back to the downside. It doesn’t appear as if there will be a significant downward trend in the short term

The spot price for flash memory also has been trending lower. The post CNY period has seen the unit price come down which has also impacted the price of USB flash drives and other memory products. We expect this trend to continue in the short term before stabilizing.

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Air Vent Phone Holder 01/02/2014

The i079 is a universal air vent holder that can easily hold your GPS and mobile device in your car. The cradle can be adjusted to clamp your devices from top to bottom bringing your phone/gps within reach while leaving no suction marks on your window screen.

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New MP4 Player MP022 14/01/2014

Enjoy your music wherever you go with the sleek new design. Enjoy the splash of bright vibrant colours the range has to offer.

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Universal Mobile Phone Holder 09/01/2014

The i068 is a universal mobile phone holder. It has a compact design that allows itself to be folded for easy storage, It also has a non-slip foot hold making sure your phone stays safe.

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Stationery Organiser 03/01/2014

The HUB022 is a stationery organiser USB HUB with 4 built in ports for your convenience; the HUB has a high-speed data transfer rate allowing you to transfer data with ease. There is no external power required; the HUB022 also contains a built in speaker allowing you to play your music at a touch of a button.

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AUD in Decline 25/11/2013

RBA Intervention Chart 1990 - 2103

The AUD has had a rough run in the past couple of months. After trading above parity for some time is has been in retreat for the past few month. The volatility has seen it drop below $0.90USD recently, although it is now doing a bit better. As we inch closer to the beginning of Fed tapering there is an expectation that the AUD with continue to fall. Declining commodity prices especially metals is not helping the situation.

After 5 losing days out of 6 and a 4% drop the AUD finally has rebounded a bit. The Capital Expenditure data, which saw a quarterly increase in private business spending, came in at 3.6% q/q ahead of analysts’ expectations for a 2.3% increase. It also confirmed the strongest 6month period for a year for this economic gauge. Sentiment is that the Aussie Dollar should improve slightly in the medium term before coming under further pressure. Any positive data out of the US or negative data from China should exacerbate its decline. The effect on imported promotional products and electronics (USB’s, computer accessories etc) will be inflationary.

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The Power Bank Experts 14/11/2013

Are you always looking for a power outlet for your mobile or portable device? Now you can have peace of mind with one of our power banks by your side. Never worry about running out of battery wherever you are. We have the largest range to cover all your needs. Our Power banks can charge all popular mobile phones, music devices, digital cameras, camcorders, GPS, game consoles and many more.

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Wireless Car Shaped Mouse 04/11/2013

The MO41 comes in a stylish unique slim deign. Choose from black, blue, red, gray and white. Ideal for notebook use and comes with a free 360-degree use within 3m-operation range. If wireless is not what you are looking for they also come in a wired option - See YT-M031 for more information.

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Largest Powerbank Range 24/10/2013

Make sure you always stay connected with your portable battery pack. These compact and light weight battery packs will charge all popular mobile phones, as well as music devices, digital cameras, camcorders, GPS, game consoles and many more.

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Transparent Credit Card USB 17/10/2013

Welcome to the world of innovative technology. The YT-190 is one of our latest credit card USB's in our collection. This particular model comes in a clear or colour plastic. They are a great way to promote any business, treat it like another business card or decorate it in any way you can think of.

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USB Desk Fan with Jet Design 10/10/2013

Keep it cool this summer with this portable desk fan. It's simple; just plug the chord into any USB port to turn it on. These USB fan's come in a streamline jet design in red, white or black.

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Power Bank with Laser Pointer 03/10/2013

The LP-016 is a power bank with a laser pointer. Use it to charge up your phone or use it’s laser function for meetings, presentations, star gazing, pointing out attractions, as a handy survival tool or use it in constrution or mining sites to point out any construction details and dangerous fields around the area.

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Mini Hamburger Speaker 26/09/2013

Mini palm sized hamburger speakers now available at Technology Collection. The S027 can retract back into a ball when not in use saving you time and space. Bring this portable speaker with you wherever you go, it's light and easy to carry. This handy speaker also clips onto your bag and keys.

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China's National Holiday 2013 25/09/2013

China's National Holiday 2013

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Apple’s iPhone smashes previous record 24/09/2013

Apple iPhone 5s and Apple iPhone 5c

Despite all the criticism surrounding Apple’s new iPhones customers have voted with their wallets and purchases 9 million phones over the weekend. The phones have sold out both online and at their stores and Apple is struggling to keep up with demand. The sales figures are great news for Apple shareholders who have seem the stock price battered in recent months. The sales figures show that Wall Street sentiment was wrong when the new models were release although it is too soon to tell how overall sales figures will pan out over the coming months.

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Typhoon to effect goods shipped out of Hong Kong 23/09/2013

A man running away from a huge wave in Shantou, southern China September 22, 2013 (AFP)

Severe Typhoon Usagi is set to cause major problems with freight, both sea and air, coming out of Hong Kong. With winds up to 165 kilometres per hour the typhoon has shut down the airport limiting air traffic both in and out of Hong Kong. Delays are expected on all freight out of China as most of it comes out of Hong Kong, which is Asia’s busiest sea and airport for freight.

There was chaos at Chek Lap Kok airport after Cathay Pacific said it was cancelling all its flights from 6pm on Sunday. Other airlines followed suit, causing thousands of people and millions of tonnes of freight to be stranded in Hong Kong. Flights and freight will return to normal as soon as the storm passes in the next day or so.

Image: A man running away from a huge wave in Shantou, southern China September 22, 2013

Image Credit: AFP

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USB 3.0 Flash Drive Market Progressing Slowly, 2013 Market Penetration Rate May Only Approach 10% 19/09/2013

 USB 3.0 Market Penetration Rate 2012 - 2014

According to DRAMeXchange, a research division of TrendForce, the market penetration rate for USB 3.0 flash drives may only be 10% in 2013, which is weaker than expected. Even though the size of the USB 3.0 flash drive market has yet to expand, a number of controller IC manufacturers are already starting to hasten their research developments and investments. This is among the reasons why the ROI for USB 3.0 products fell short of expectations, and why leading manufacturers may soon emerge within the market.

In 2Q13, the USB 3.0 flash drive shipments reached 5-6 million units (the same as the previous quarter), whereas market penetration rate ended up at only 5% (see Figure-1). The unimpressive sales can mostly be attributed to the tightened NAND Flash supplies, the not-yet-refined controller IC solutions for USB 3.0 flash drives, poor PC sales, and the intensified price wars among the major USB 2.0 flash drive manufacturers.

Despite the possibility of an improved NAND Flash supply situation in 2H13 and the upcoming release of the cost-efficient Crystal Free USB 3.0 Controller IC, the persistence of the USB 2.0 price competition and pressures of declining NAND Flash prices are expected to put a noticeable strain on USB 3.0 flash drive sales. In Q4, the USB 3.0 flash drive penetration rate is likely to only grow slightly to 10-15%.

TrendForce projects that the 2013 USB 3.0 flash drive market penetration rate will increase from 2012’s 3-4% and arrive at somewhere around 10%. As more and more leading manufacturers begin releasing USB 3.0 products into the market, the penetration rate is likely to approach 20-25% in 2014.

The UFD module manufacturers have, for a long time, longed to see the price difference between USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 products reduced. In order for this to happen, controller IC manufacturers need to not only be able to offer the aforementioned Crystal Free solution, but also begin migrating to the more advanced manufacturing technologies and increase their products' compatibility with different NAND Flash components. To attain these goals properly, the investment in technological and human resources will need to be greater now than it has ever been during the USB 2.0 era. However, given that the size of the USB 3.0 flash drive market has not been expanding as expected and that it has become increasingly more difficult for the investment efficiency of USB 3.0 controller IC to support the cost of developing next gen products, more and more manufacturers are beginning to face increased pressure on the business end.

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Universial Mini Power Bank 16/09/2013

Never be caught out with our new Power Bank. Easy to carry around with you; easily recharge your phone, tablet or camera. Small and compact with key ring attached for added convenience, it makes for a perfect Christmas Gift.

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Twitter to Go Public 13/09/2013

Twitter Bird White On Blue

US tech juggernaut Twitter has announced plans to go public. The firm has filed for an IPO with US regulators with Wall Street estimating it’s worth at $10 billion. The company is expecting to earn close to $600 million this year and almost $1 billion next year.

The IPO is the most anticipated IPO since Facebook, which went public in 2012. Facebook, valued at over $100 billion dollars, has seen its stock value fluctuate wildly since its debut with many questioning its ability to maintain its value and income.

The Twitter IPO should prove a boon for banks, with the like for JP Morgan to Citibank vying for fees predicted to be between $40USD to $50USD. There is also sure to be a lot of interest from the investment community including both institutional and private investors.

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Apple Inc Unveils Two New iPhones 12/09/2013

Apple iPhone 5s and Apple iPhone 5c

Cupertino California (Technology Collection News) – Apple Inc unveiled two new iPhones to the delight of Apple fans the world over. The two new phones will be known as the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

The iPhone 5S is an upgraded version of the iPhone 5. It will have the first 64-bit chip in a smartphone and is claimed to be twice as fast as its predecessor. Other features include a motion co-processor and it will now be available in three different colours – white, black and grey.

The iPhone 5C will be a cheaper version aim primarily at emerging markets. It will come in a plastic cover and have a larger variety of colour then traditionally on offer. Personally I think it looks similar to some of the new Nokia Lumia phones only with a heftier price tag.

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Upcoming Chinese holidays to cause production delays 11/09/2013

Mid Autumn Festival Beijing

The Chinese Mid autumn Festival and National Day holiday is upon us again. We would like to let our customers know the holiday schedule in order to avoid any production delay:

1. Factories will be closed from 19th September until 21st September for Mid autumn Festival. All production will cease during this period and will resume on the 22nd September. All goods will be shipped on the 18th September next week. Please confirm all orders and artwork approvals, which need to ship by next week.

2. There will also be a holiday from the 1st October until the 7th October for Chinese National Day.

Image: Mid Autumn Festival Beijing

Image Credit: Shizhao

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Nand pricing stabilises 10/09/2013

USB Flash Memory

USB Nand pricing has stablised after a brief spike due to a fire at the Chinese Hynix factory. After initially appreciating by ten to fifteen US cents, pricing has continued it’s slow but steady downward spiral. Markets are relieved after the last major spike in April increased pricing by up to 50 percent.

The last spike in pricing was caused by a deliberate cut in production designed to lift sagging price after they had fallen below the manufactured cost. Thankfully the latest incident didn’t lead to such sustained price increases. In fact, Hynix, went to great lengths to reassure markets of their intension to resume production.

Image:A USB flash drive. The chip on the left is the flash memory. The controller is on the right.

Image Credit:Nrbelex

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Digital Photo Frame 05/09/2013

Digital photo frames with a new retro look! Customised in the shape of a television, these digital photo frames come in miniature size and is a great addition to any household. They are eye catching and fully functional, choose from our wide range of colours.

Digital TV Photo Frame

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Fire at Hynix Factory in China 04/09/2013

SK Hynix Logo

There are reports of a fire at the Hynix chip factory in Wuxi, China. There was one minor injury and limited damage to production equipment. The company doesn’t expect that there will be a huge impact from the fire. “Currently, there is no material damage to the fab equipment in the clean room, thus we expect to resume operations in a short time period so that overall production and supply volume would no be materially affected,” SK Hynix said.

Although production has not been adversely effected there was an immediate spike in pricing. Generally, the price increases were caused by chip agents hording chip in order to drive up prices. It is expected that any price rises will be short lived and that normal pricing stability will return quickly. Yatama Technology General Manager, Steven Tadic, is advising customers to seek longer lead-times to counter any short-term price instability.

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Retractable USB with Stylus 30/08/2013

USB Flash drives with a different style, use it as a Stylus for your touch screen devices, use it as a USB! Compact with a touch of a button the USB has a retractable function, never worry about losing the cap again.

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Wireless Animal Mice 23/08/2013

You can now get your hands on one of these adorable designs! These wireless mice come with an animal shaped tail for the receiver, there is 8 to choose from! Cat, Squirrel, Fox, Dolphin, Rabbit, Dog, Chameleon and Pig.

Wireless Animal Mouse

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Mix-Style Headphones 01/08/2013

New funky headphones in a variety of colours and styles! These headphones are designed with high quality speakers, originally from Japan they are now available to us in Australia.

Mix N Style Headphones and Earphones

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Mini Light Up USB 27/06/2013

The YT-228 is a mini swivel light up USB. It's a flash drive and a mini torch in one. With a built in LED light it's hard to get lost in the dark with one of these!

Mini Light Up USB

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Technology Collection's New Stylus Pens 13/06/2013

Technology Collection proudly presents their new stylus pens the i048 and the i049. Designed for any of your touch screen based devices it is sure to make a great gift for your family, friends or co-workers.

TC New Stylus Pens

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Mini Custom USB 14/05/2013

Who said size didn't matter? Technology Collection now offering custom shape flash drives with mini chips so you can go as small as you like!

TC New Stylus Pens

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Eco Series Swivel USB 12/05/2013

Our popular swivel USB is now available in recycled timber or bamboo. The R021 is an eco friendly USB option, market your campaigns in an environmentally friendly way.

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iHandsets 20/05/2012

Say Hello to the iHandsets. Where Modern Meets Retro.

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Earphones 06/03/2012

Listen In Style. Enjoy your favourite tunes in style, while on the go.

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Eco Speakers 18/01/2012

Eco Speakers

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Web Key Mailer 06/06/2011

Eco Speakers

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Speakers 10/12/2010

Technology Collection are now offering a range of innovative speakers new to the Australian market. Utilising the latest technology, environmentally friendly, and universally compatible with any music device or computer, these speakers are a unique promotional product.

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SuperSpeed USB 09/12/2010

USB 3.0 is the newest major development in the world of Universal Serial Bus. USB 3.0 is set to become the new benchmark in USB technology. Also known as SuperSpeed USB the new standard USB protocol boasts several benefits over the current “High Speed” USB 2.0 protocol. This performance boost will continue the evolution of the USB flash drive making it an indispensible tool for years to come. The benefits of USB 3.0 include:

  • Bandwidth of up to 5.0 Gb/s (compared to 480 Mb/s in USB 2.0)
  • Faster identification of devices
  • Improved power efficiency and management
  • Increased power supply capability to devices
  • USB 3.0 achieves much higher performance through a number of technical changes. An additional physical bus is added in parallel with the existing USB 2.0 bus allowing a bi-directional data interface. This is in contrast to USB 2.0’s half-duplex arrangement, where data can only flow in one direction at a time. The end result is up to a ten-fold increase in bandwidth.

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Web key 18/10/2010

Increase your website traffic with the endless marketing and promotional opportunities that our Web Key offers. As the name implies our Web Key unlocks the door to instant website traffic. No more typing in incorrect URL's and no more frustrated end-users trying to access your website.

Using any available USB port, the pre-programmed Web Key automatically guides your customer to your website, online catalogue, flash presentation or marketing campaign. Both economical and flexible the Web Key is perfect for your next marketing campaign.

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